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How Can a Wood Destroying Insect Report Help Preserve Your Investment?

New Horizon Pest Solutions
New Horizon Pest Solutions April 15th, 2024

Wood destroying insects, like termites and carpenter ants, are directly responsible for approximately $5 billion in property damage annually across the US. Without professional help, detecting these pests before they cause serious and costly structural damage is next to impossible.

This is why a wood destroying insect report is so important if you’re looking to invest in a home. Keep reading to learn how this detailed inspection report can help protect your investment.

  • Avoid Hidden Costs. Before investing in a home, it’s of the utmost importance that you’re fully aware of its exact condition. Unfortunately, the worst thing about wood destroying insects is that they aren’t obvious to the eye. Consequently, many buyers acquire infested homes with hidden structural defects that demand costly repairs. A wood destroying insect report will give you a detailed assessment of whether there is evidence of such problems before deciding to buy.
  • A Contract Contingency. The last thing you’d want as a home buyer is to be unable to back out of a bad deal. Luckily, most contracts have a contingency clause whereby the buyer can back out of the agreement if they discover that their newly acquired home has a wood destroying insect infestation or related structural issues. As long as you have a wood destroying insect report verifying your claim, the sale will be halted until the seller has resolved such issues.

The easiest way to get a wood destroying insect report is by contacting a certified local pest control company. Schedule an inspection with them before the transaction is complete, and they’ll help you decide whether it’s a worthy investment.