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Buzz Off! Effective Yellow Jacket Control Strategies for a Wasp-Free Environment

New Horizon Pest Solutions
New Horizon Pest Solutions April 15th, 2024

Yellow jackets are insects that primarily live in the wild and can become aggressive if they feel threatened. They often become unwanted tenants at homes or businesses and can quickly turn a pleasant outdoor gathering into a nightmare for you and your guests.

Whether you’re enjoying an outdoor picnic at your home or hosting an outdoor business event, here are a few sure-fire yellow jacket control strategies to help you enjoy a wasp-free environment.

  1. Prevention. Prevention is the most effective yellow jacket control solution you can implement. It minimizes the chance of a yellow jacket invasion/recolonization. Some of the most important prevention steps include:
    • To limit the yellow jackets’ foraging attempts, ensure that all outdoor trash cans are tightly sealed.
    • Don’t leave exposed food, drinks, and pet foods in the open; unsecured food sources will attract them.
    • If you notice a yellow jacket infestation, call for professional help in removing them promptly.
  2. Nest Removal. Nest removal minimizes the chances of recolonization. Please note that nest removal is a risky affair that should only be handled by a professional.
  3. Spray Treatments. Spray treatments are an efficient yellow jacket control measure against small, exposed nests and individual yellow jackets you spot on your property. They are typically applied using long-jet sprays from a safe distance. Like nest removal, spray treatments should be done professionally, which is much safer and more effective.
  4. Baits and Traps. Traps and baits are another great way to control yellow jacket populations. Most yellow jacket traps use chemical lures as bait; however, meat and sweet foods or liquids may also be used. Baits should be periodically checked and replaced to ensure they are fresh and adequate.