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3 Reasons You Should Consider Prompt Rat Removal

New Horizon Pest Solutions
New Horizon Pest Solutions April 15th, 2024

It’s no secret that rats can make your life miserable. They are sneaky critters that hide in tight spots during the day, only to come out and display their destructive capabilities late at night.

If you suspect a rat problem within your home or business, here are three compelling reasons you should call for rat removal professionals right away.

  1. Rats are pathogen carriers. Living in highly unsanitary environments, it’s no wonder rats bring pathogens and filth into your property. They leave urine and feces everywhere they pass, including on kitchen countertops and foodstuffs. This excrement can carry germs and other pathogens that can be transmitted to humans who come into contact with them, exposing them to potential health complications.
  2. Rats are destructive. Rats are incredible foragers. When backed into a corner, they’ll chew on almost anything, from soft concrete to electrical wires. As a result, you may notice significant structural damage across your property. Furthermore, they know their way around kitchens and food storage, making food unfit for human consumption.
  3. Rats multiply really fast. Unlike most pests, rodents like rats don’t have mating seasons. They are prolific breeders capable of reproducing throughout the year. Female rats can give birth to about six litters annually, with as many as 12 rat pups per litter. In the absence of prompt rat removal, an inconvenience of two rats can swell into an outbreak of over 1,200 within a year, effectively overrunning your property as well as nearby ones.

With these reasons in mind, immediate rat removal is the best solution for your home or business if you ever encounter a rat problem. Turn to us at New Horizon Pest Solutions today and enjoy our BBB-accredited rodent removal and extermination services.